• Don’t know where to start with complex case referrals  

  • Are struggling to engage kids with complex conditions 

  • Are struggling within initial sessions 

  • Don't know how to assess and report on new paediatric clients 

  • Don’t know how to manage the complex behaviours  

  • Can’t find normative data for paediatric assessments 

  • Struggling to manage parents 

  • Not working in with other allied health disciplines

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Movement Mastery:

Complex conditions, Engagement & Assessments for Paed clients 

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This masterclass is going to set you up for prescribing, assessing and engaging paediatric clients of all abilities and complex conditions. 

When teaching KHP practitioners, understanding the magic of using exercise as a holistic development approach is one of the biggest factors in effective initial assessments, intervention, funding and collaboration with other allied health practitioners. So often exercise is overlooked as merely an activity to promote motor skills and improve health outcomes which of course is amazing but movement has the potential to be so much more, particularly for our paediatric clients with more complex conditions. 

I am here to shed some light on the magic of movement. I am going to unpack my 14 years experience paired with the research and literature supporting the links and benefits of movement for holistic development and how that is the essential ingredient in managing complex conditions, engaging children in sessions and setting up a successful initial assessment. 

With an overwhelming interest in Kids Heart Pilates and my courses I am so excited to bring this masterclass to you. Most of the questions I get are in relation to assessment, holistic development, working with kids, engagement and scope and it just so happens that engagement and my holistic approach to exercise interventions are my secret sauce and its these approaches that have allowed me to run my Kids Heart Pilates business for over 14 years and more recently open a paediatric clinic. I will take you through literature and my learnings from the past 14 years running paediatric sessions for kids aged 18 months and up. 

"This course was well designed, user friendly and really suited me as an AEP and Pilates instructor. It gave me knowledge and confidence to work with children in an AEP or Pilates setting.I have loved learning more about child development and how I might apply Pilates principal to children"

Kyle Giffen

Imagine if… 

You walked confidently into every initial session knowing you had set yourself up for success and felt you could manage even the most complex paediatric client. Imagine that you had a confident understanding of how to assess and report on progress so you and other allied health professionals, referrers and parents could see the progress of your intervention. And imagine if you knew and understood the supporting literature so that you could confidently educate, collaborate and connect with other allied health professionals to help more children through movement.

In this masterclass you will walk away with:


  • My simple strategy for managing complex conditions 

  • The evidence based approach I use for engaging kids  

  • My 5 step process for initial assessments 



My courses were specifically designed to onboard my team when I was scaling my business and then I saw the potential in sharing that with the wider community to have a larger impact and make exercise as habitual as brushing teeth for kids. I am here with you to empower freedom and confidence so you can do the work you are capable of. So kids have the opportunity to move and have fun in their therapy.

Meet Your EXPERT: 

Lizzy Dawson


I am an accredited Exercise Physiologist, a mother of two boys, Pilates Instructor & Entrepreneur. I am also the proud owner & director of Kids Heart Pilates & Northside Allied Health.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Human Movement Studies in 2009, I have worked across a number of health disciplines including weight management, clinical disease, and injury rehabilitation. However, it was paediatrics that really stole my heart and in 2010, Kids Heart Pilates was born.


Kids Heart Pilates’ mission is to make exercise easy and accessible for children and to educate families and health professionals on the benefits of exercise for a child’s development. Since 2010, I have relished in the experience of developing Pilates-based movement programs for children across a range of facilities including, kindergartens, childcare centres, preschools, and primary schools. Extending on the repertoire of Kids Heart Pilates programs, and in response to an increasing demand for convenience, in both the home and classroom, I proudly launched an online Pilates program available for families worldwide in 2018. 


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Movement Mastery: Complex conditions, Engagement & Assessments for Paed clients 


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