Sensory Short Course for $167 only

Learn all things sensory system and movement


Learning Outcomes:

✔️ Understand the sensory systems and specifics

✔️ How the sensory impact physical development

✔️Good understanding of how to prescribe full sensory development


Here's what you will get:

  • 12-month course access
  • Video walk-through and Course paper
  • Membership community access
  • An in-depth understanding of the sensory systems and their specific functions.
  • The crucial relationship between sensory and physical development.
  • Effective strategies for managing sensory challenges and processing disorders.
  • Practical techniques for prescribing sensory experiences to enhance learning outcomes.
  • Knowledge of how exercise and sensory integration contribute to overall development.
  • Tools for creating sensory-rich environments and implementing sensory activities.
  • The importance of deep pressure input in preparing individuals for learning activities.


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