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Breaking Barriers - Learn the three keys to engaging paediatric clients as a health professional

I will take you through some research and some learnings of mine from the past 13 years running paediatric sessions for kids aged 18 months and up. 


Are you a Health Professional or Educator who is...


✔  Struggling to promote the Paediatric services you offer or want to offer?

✔ Unsure where to start if you have a paediatric client?

✔ Finding it hard to justify more sessions for Paediatric clients?

✔ You feel overwhelmed with reporting? 


Does this sound familiar to you? 

I have been one of a handful until NDIS and now we are helping so many kids which is amazing. But it is not something that we have been taught previously and we are not recognised as much as we should be. We are here and I am here to put us on the paediatric map. 


On this webinar, you will learn about:


✔️My best 3 tools for engagement 

✔️The biggest barriers to engagement

 ✔️ My engagement theory that will change your approach to Paediatric client

✔️My effective 3 level approach to engagement 

✔️The three critical things you must do to boost engagement for your Paediatric clients