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I'm determined to make a difference instilling healthy habits of the mind & body in Children. To do this I need to Educate. 

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Child with disability doing reformer pilates

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I'm a passionate and creative AEP and entrepreneur, with three growing organisations. 

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Picture of Lizzy Dawson Paediatric Exercises Physiologist

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Speaking, workshops, special projects with Lizzy Dawson the Paediatric Practitioner. 

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Does one of these three  scenarios sound familiar?

Currently working with paediatrics?

  • You’ve got expertise. 
  • You know what you’re doing.
  • And you’ve got massive value to add to the world…

 Butttt -

You don't know how to attract paediatric clients to your clinic. Slowing motivation down. 


Interested in working with paediatrics?

  • You’re an health professional.
  • You want to work with children.
  • And you’ve got massive value to add to the world…

 Butttt -

You don't know how to get a paediatric client list.


Looking to incorporate movement for children?

  • You’re an educator.
  • You know the benefits of movement.
  • And you’ve got massive value to add to the world…

 Butttt -

You don't know how to prescribe exercises or design a paediatric exercise program 



Children Pilates Course

Ready to transform your pediatric practice and create a more engaging, fulfilling experience for your young patients? Discover our essential Pediatric Checklist – a powerful tool that's not just about treating children but enhancing their overall well-being.

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Child with disability doing reformer pilates

As health professionals, we understand that marketing can be a challenge. We've been there too. But we took the leap, seeking help from marketing consultants and branding experts to elevate our practice. 

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Picture of Lizzy Dawson Paediatric Exercises Physiologist

Step into the world of tranquility and calm with our go-to script for a sensory mindfulness session. Designed especially for health professionals working with children, this script is your gateway to creating serene and meaningful experiences.

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Picture of Lizzy Dawson Paediatric Exercises Physiologist
Get a Sneak Peek! Experience the Joy of Pilates at Home for Your Kids. Try our online program today and unlock the benefits of a healthier, happier childhood.


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Picture of Lizzy Dawson Paediatric Exercises Physiologist

At Kids Heart Pilates, we've learned that it's not just about different exercises; it's about HOW we teach them! Join us to master the art of exercise modification for kids and make a lasting impact in paediatric wellness.

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The Playful Path

Unleashing Potential through Child Development and Exercise. My research, tips and tricks. 

Igniting Inner Drive: Building Intrinsic Motivation in Kids

Nov 05, 2023

What's in our KHP Bag?

Oct 29, 2023

The Power of Goals in Paediatric Prescription

Oct 24, 2023



"This course allowed me to further develop my knowledge and skills to assist children in meeting their milestones whilst considering their individual needs"



Speech Pathologist

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to further their skills in child development and exercise."



"I really loved the Pilates for Paeds course. It helped me with strategies for child engagement and session plans, and I feel more confident teaching paediatric sessions now."

Courtney H.

Thanks Liz! Loved the course, so great to be able to complete it in my own time. I work predominantly with NDIS funded kids and have been using the concepts throughout most sessions. I have always personally & professionally valued the power of movement. Using Pilates concepts has been wonderful and complimenting the work i do with the kiddos. 

Alisha C.

"Wonderful insight into the difference that can be made with young children by moving in certain, fun and creative ways to keep them engaged, motivated and keen to keep trying."

Amanda T. AEP

"I am glad I did this course! I had an easily accessible opportunity to brush up on my knowledge of paediatric development and exercise programming and the importance of looking at all the areas of child development and providing an integrated approach to exercise prescription. It was great to be reminded of the necessity of developing a strong core for other skills to be developed!'



Anna-Louise Moule, AEP

From this course I have gained so much knowledge in all areas of childhood development and how Exercise Physiologists play a role in this."

Mel A, Educator

"I enjoyed that the course was practical as well as informative and provided you with fun and exciting ways to implement movement while enhancing children's development."

Alisha, Pilates Instructor

"I am super keen to go and work with kids now. I am already a pilates instructor but this has given me the language and skills to be able to adapt it to easily connect with kids and give them the benefits that my adult clients experience"